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Franklin's Personal Notes


All notes, including Personal stuff.


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Oct. 21, 1999




Washington D.C. Chantry members - Regent Helena Taylor, Cohn Rose, Peter van Dorn, Hans Schmidt

Peter Dorfman - Pontiff - Wash D.C. Tremere Primogen




Marcus Vatell - Prince of Washington D.C.

Art Carnum - Gangrel Primogen (Justicar too?)

Bjorn - Owner of Purgatory - Brujah 6’6" Long red hair/Beard/has double-headed axe




Most government buildings are Elysium


Laced Blood


David Wells is a Blood Doll






Oct. 22




Harry Potter - lobbyist




Elysium Event - Art Exhibit in a few nights




Dr. Witch subplot

Midnight Circus - weird vampire performers

Owner of nearby castle knows of them

Rumor of castle out towards Annapolis, MA ~50 miles on Hwy 50






Oct 23




Met with Harry Potter - lobbyist - about the historical district space in Chicago - convinced him it would be a good idea - he likes young women




Met with Peter Dorfman.


Laced Blood


Asked Helena Taylor for help with blood curse. She’ll have Retainer Fidel escort me to do research.




Art Carnum was hanging out in Purgatory with Tabitha - a graceful, golden skinned, blond hair kindred


Oct 24


Laced Blood


Blood Doll was doing designer drugs (from Dr. Witch)

Fidel led me to a room behind a Gentlemen’s Club.

Found a Journal by a Malkavian:

  • Settites are known to create addictive drugs to addict vampires
  • Has a chemical breakdown (probably not a curse)
  • Originates from Mexico City
  • Revina, a Settite, is one of the people working on these types of drug
  • Test cases proved more resistant to drug than Settites wanted






Oct 25




Received letter from Sire

  • Had a pick-up slip, Airborne deliver
  • Contents of missing package - stone tablets and Latin translation
  • European ghoul, Cats, was to deliver to another courier, Sandra Skint, at dry cleaners on xx/xx/99 at 8pm
  • Both are missing
  • Package was insured for 150k


Laced Blood?


Also, in package - Johan Weltmen - a prophet Malkavian in Chicago had a prophecy:

He saw a package in a pool of blood being gathered by a hairy, clawed hand. Female kindred in background, fumed, surrounded by serpents




Harry Potter voted for historical district but will probably lay a trap

  • Watch electronic communications
  • He probably contacted a government agency


Art Show/General


Cassandra - 20s, thin woman - (was playing with a Doll)

Daniel Stone - Artist - paints disturbing landscape paintings

Helena Taylor and Angelic (mid 20s, golden long hair lady) and Peter van Dorn (tall, handsome, South African man - white - local artist, poet) came together




Met Dorian - 40s, 6’6" - oddly dressed with sweeping cape - like Dracula - Ventrue

  • He has a great library.
  • He invited us to come stay.
  • Must bring red heads and brunettes
  • Lives in castle




Per Peter van Dorn, Art was thinking of us for an Archon position.


Laced Blood


David Wells - Blood Doll - his supplier was "Big Bad Wolf" - 6’5" big, muscular black guy






Still Oct 25


Laced Blood


Per David Wells, Big "Big Bad Wolf" is Jason Brown who has a daytime job at zoo - spends nights at Potomac Park near Jefferson Memorial

Velvet later says this is wrong. "Big Bad Wolf" is a black man with a last name of Wolf.




Velvet (Brujah) has a friend named Emilo (a bounty hunter)


Laced Blood


Rachel (Nathan’s dream girl) is addicted to the drug in David Wells, her Blood Doll.




Franklin is 3rd Circle Apprentice

Porter is 1st Circle Apprentice




Charlie, my limo driver, is abjucted (killed?).

Gang symbols all over limo.

Maybe "Big Bad Wolf" gang? - Per cell-phone guy on rooftop. We know the gang’s symbol






Oct 26




Melissa - girl Gangrel is attacked by Sabbat pack (Brujah - had presence and celerity)

Angelic and Peter van Dorn are at Jefferson Memorial - Angelic is Melissa’s friend

Vampires from Baltimore, MD

Melissa killed two. One is missing under water. Two die to a possible werewolf in forest. One is maimed and taken by Porter and me to the local Chantry for questioning.




Cohn Rose is second in command - short of Regent

He says the best information sources are:

  • Bjorn - Bartender of Purgatory
  • Nosferatu - Glenn hangs out in Purgatory. Amos can be bribed with an act of kindness for the homeless

Also, Velvet is a Brujah and has a friend Razor (who?)

I set up a meeting with Cohn Rose on 10/27/99 at the Under the Sea Restaurant. He’s supposed to help me understand the law of the land.

Is he dating Helena?




Emilo, at Velvet’s request, is taking us to meet my ghoul.

Could be a set-up.

Large air conditioner dropped from fifth story building almost killed Dr. Witch and Christian. Who did it?



Rumors: David Wells seems to think that the "Big Bad Wolf" works for Jason Brawn, a werewolf residing in the Zoo.
Actions?: There's no way that I'm confronting a werewolf. I suggest that we approach the Tremere Chanty leaders and Art Carnum.


Rumors: The Settites are behind the Laced Blood. Per the prophecy, a werewolf is either in league with them or has intercepted a shipment.
Actions?: No idea. I suggest either alerting Art Carnum or the Tremere Chantry. 


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