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Franklin's Notes

I am Franklin Theodore Sebastian, III, a Tremere currently residing in Washington, D.C. These are my notes on current events. More information can be found at this site.

Here are my notes on our adventures. Even if you skip the notes, look at the ideas that follow. Submit comments and corrections to me.


Notes: [First set], [Second set], [Washington D.C. Hierarchy], [Third set], [Fourth set],

[Fifth set]

First Set of Notes


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Oct. 21, 1999




Marcus Vitel - Prince of Washington D.C.

Art Carnum - Gangrel Primogen (Justicar too?)

Bjorn - Owner of Purgatory - Brujah 6’6" Long red hair/Beard/has double-headed axe




Most government buildings are Elysium


Laced Blood


David Wells is a Blood Doll



Oct. 22




Elysium Event - Art Exhibit in a few nights




Dr. Witch subplot

Midnight Circus - weird vampire performers

Owner of nearby castle knows of them

Rumor of castle out towards Annapolis, MA ~50 miles on Hwy 50








Oct 23




Met with Peter Dorfman.


Laced Blood


Asked Helena Taylor for help with blood curse. She’ll have Retainer Fidel escort me to do research.




Art Carnum was hanging out in Purgatory with Tabitha - a graceful, golden skinned, blond hair kindred


Oct 24


Laced Blood


Blood Doll was doing designer drugs (from Dr. Witch)

Fidel led me to a room behind a Gentlemen’s Club.

Found a Journal by a Malkavian:

  • Settites are known to create addictive drugs to addict vampires
  • Has a chemical breakdown (probably not a curse)
  • Originates from Mexico City
  • Revina, a Settite, is one of the people working on these types of drug
  • Test cases proved more resistant to drug than Settites wanted






Oct 25




Received letter from Sire

  • Had a pick-up slip, Airborne deliver
  • Contents of missing package - stone tablets and Latin translation
  • European ghoul, Cats, was to deliver to another courier, Sandra Skint, at dry cleaners on xx/xx/99 at 8pm
  • Both are missing
  • Package was insured for 150k


Laced Blood?


Also, in package - Johan Weltmen - a prophet Malkavian in Chicago had a prophecy:

He saw a package in a pool of blood being gathered by a hairy, clawed hand. Female kindred in background, fumed, surrounded by serpents




My lobbyist dislikes me:

  • Watch electronic communications
  • He probably contacted a government agency


Art Show/General


Cassandra - 20s, thin woman - (was playing with a Doll)

Daniel Stone - Artist - paints disturbing landscape paintings

Helena Taylor and Angelic (mid 20s, golden long hair lady) and Peter van Dorn (tall, handsome, South African man - white - local artist, poet) came together




Met Dorian - 40s, 6’6" - oddly dressed with sweeping cape - like Dracula - Ventrue

  • He has a great library.
  • He invited us to come stay.
  • Must bring red heads and brunettes
  • Lives in castle




Per Peter van Dorn, Art was thinking of us for an Archon position.


Laced Blood


David Wells - Blood Doll - his supplier was "Big Bad Wolf" - 6’5" big, muscular black guy






Still Oct 25


Laced Blood


Per David Wells, Big "Big Bad Wolf" is Jason Brown who has a daytime job at zoo - spends nights at Potomac Park near Jefferson Memorial

Velvet later says this is wrong. "Big Bad Wolf" is a black man with a last name of Wolf.




Velvet (Brujah) has a friend named Emilo (a bounty hunter)


Laced Blood


Rachel (Nathan’s dream girl) is addicted to the drug in David Wells, her Blood Doll.




Franklin is 3rd Circle Apprentice

Porter is 1st Circle Apprentice




Charlie, my limo driver, is abducted (killed?).

Gang symbols all over limo.

Maybe "Big Bad Wolf" gang? - Per cell-phone guy on rooftop. We know the gang’s symbol






Oct 26




Melissa - girl Gangrel is attacked by Sabbat pack (Brujah - had presence and celerity)

Angelic and Peter van Dorn are at Jefferson Memorial - Angelic is Melissa’s friend

Vampires from Baltimore, MD

Melissa killed two. One is missing under water. Two die to a possible werewolf in forest. One is maimed and taken by Porter and me to the local Chantry for questioning.




Emilo, at Velvet’s request, is taking us to meet my ghoul.

Could be a setup.

Large air conditioner dropped from fifth story building almost killed Dr. Witch and Christian. Who did it?

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Second Set of Notes


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IC Game Date


Plot Type (Best Guess)








Still Oct 26




Met Cole McMeans. He’s a fledgling Toreador. Geez. Was I ever that new?




Saw Velvet talking to what appears to be her boss, a dark-skinned, scholarly, looking man named Philip.

Per Bjorn the barkeep, Glen will be in tomorrow for poker. He has contacts with the slave trade.


Oct 27




Met Con Rose at Under the Sea Restaurant. It was actually an Elysium event. (This info follows.)


Elysium Gossip


Steven’s Escapades &emdash; He stole a film from Disney’s Grand Opening and played it at a Drive-In.

Peter van Dorn walked in with the Prince’s two "daughters."

Angelic is Toreador.




Art is part of a coterie along with Tabitha, Waylan, Peter van Dorn, and Stephen

Bjorn is a Brujah (duh.)

Marissa was the name of the former Prince of D.C. She was killed in a Sabbat attack.

Purgatory’s mortal barkeep is Sid.

The Nosferatu and Werewolves have an agreement regarding the Zoo.


Meeting with Informant


The informant was some religious-symbol wearing smuggler named Jacob. It was at a Self Storage area called the "Space Docks."

Per Jacob:

Jacques Amyzil is a consultant to the Police. He’s supposedly the Big Bad Wolf’s supplier. He's a large, Haitian Man

Joseph Fuller runs a snake worshipping cult. He’s the supplier of tainted blood drug to Big Bad Wolf? He recruits out of affluent clubs. The name of the church is Church of the Ancient Light.


Sabbat questioning


Jack is the pack leader.

The wanted to set Porter up for fall because he was "sneaking around too much."

Jack is a Bonecrafter (Tzimsce). He looks like Jack Nicholson.

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Washington D.C. Kindred Hierarchy

Marcus Vitel (Prince, Ventrue?)

Primogen Council
  • Dr. Walker Primogen Ventrue
  • Cassandra Primogen Malkavian
  • Helena Primogen Tremere
  • Chaz Voyager Primogen Toreador

Prince's "Daughters" --- Cynthia and Monica Black

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Third Set of Notes


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IC Game Date


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Oct 28




Researched Setites. With five successes, Franklin learned a great deal. Foremost is that the Setites hate bright light. Their disciplines are Obfuscate, Presence, and Serpentis.




Visited Colonel Joe’s Army Surplus store. Franklin donned the fine attire of black, camouflage pants. He bought:

  • 5 Flash Grenades
  • 24 Flares
  • 4 Shotguns and 10 boxes of shells
  • Submachine Ammo
  • 1 Bazooka (the damn thing is disposable)
  • 8 machetes
  • 1 Sword
  • 1 Sword cane for Porter
  • Black bags
  • Rope and grappling hooks
  • Radio equipment &emdash; 8 headsets
  • Bright flashlights
  • 4 Flak jackets (2 have plates)




The Church of the Ancient Light, who we believe to be a front for rich kids into the Followers of Set, had literature resembling some Haitian religious propaganda. The occult content was nonsense.

"She" leads the Church. She has no known name and no description.

Per Porter, the Setites want my grandsire’s tablets.


Oct 29


Tainted Blood


David Wells was drained dead. Using his eyes as a mystic medium, Porter discovered that David last saw the "Scribbler" before dying.




Rachel’s last name is Evans.

Tabitha is a Gangrel.

The Nosferatu George rescued our new friend Mhuldare from Torpor.






Oct 30




The equipment arrived. With $70,000, Franklin hauled off the goods to his old place.




Tabitha is Joseph Fuller’s "sister."


Oct 31




Col was dropped onto Franklin’s limo by a supposedly insane Dr. Witch. He was in torpor. Franklin and Porter fed him and stored him until he awoke. Some toxin was in his system from a fight he was in.

Per Peter van Dorf, the Sabbat uses this type of toxin.




Per Mhuldare, Joseph Fuller attends the Setite church in the sewers.

Some "Amish-type" people 60 miles outside of town have been harassing the Church of the Ancient Light. The head guy is Abraham Mauler.


Drug House


Per Dr. Witch, the flame-thrower person took down the old drug house.

Per Bjorn, it was Philip, Velvet, and Emilio that took out the drug house.




Nathan and Rachel invaded the Zoo and took Franklin’s package. Rachel (or a look-alike) took the package and ran leaving Nathan hanging &emdash; literally. The werewolves caught and chained him up.

A person resembling Jack Nicholson (probably Jack, the Sabbat leader) Nathan free using an "arm like a sword."


Tainted Blood


Franklin hacked Ma Bell and got David Well’s list of phone numbers from his last bill.

Also, he got the pay phone number from where Nathan called once he was free.

Porter and Dr. Witch found Jacquekeb Amyzul’s postal mail box. After Dr. Witch drove a car into a house, Porter found an apartment key in the box (room #724).




A tall, Arabian guy is the person that shot golden needles from his hand and put the toxin in Col’s system. While paralyzed, he was told that he was wanted by them. Then, a grenade went off.

Col later identified the Arabian guy as the "Scribbler," a probable Assamite assassin.


Princely murder


Franklin’s sire was told that the former prince of D.C., Marissa &emdash; a Tremere, was killed by a Justicar, not a Sabbat attack like previously told to us.


Attack and Burn


The Coterie of Chaos (or so it seems) met Nathan back at Franklin’s old place. Apparently he was followed, probably by Jack. He had some sort of obfuscate ability and attacked with a sword.

We were all attacked and the building was burned, but we got out with the remainder of the equipment and our lives.

Col kind of went insane and built a sculpture out of human flesh while a few others noted that they can’t fly.

The good news is that Franklin’s $50,000 painting of weirdness can be claimed on the homeowners policy.

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Fourth Set of Notes  



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Plot Type (Best Guess)








Nov 1


Tainted Blood


A MP3 player was delivered to Dr. Witch. It had a psych confession of a small girl to Dr. Granger. She had a nightmare of creatures on all fours chasing and George and Amos. A new evil is arising in the sewers. Men in suits are hunting the creatures. The "hollow" man is infested with rats. Nathan’s in trouble.


Castle Dracula


Most of us visited Dorian’s estate outside D.C. What a cool castle! It was entirely dismantled in Europe and shipped to the US. It had several high-tech cameras patrolling everything.

We took him a gift of red heads, blondes, brunettes, etc.

He said that Art is NOT a Justicar.

The Prince is more powerful than we could imagine.

He had once helped destroy a temple of Setites.




The Arcanum are out in force! &emdash; from Bjorn


Nov 2


Tainted Blood


Attended Club Poser with Nathan in search of Rachel. While Franklin was being tortured by dancing kine with odd piercings, Nathan’s true love was being put into torpor by his colleagues.

They also fought a few Normalites. Franklin’s research (5 successes) showed that Normalites are minions of the Freak Legion. They were once human but were changed into dog-like creatures. Normalite blood has the power to cancel supernatural powers.

Normalites are normally associated with Banes, demon-possessed humans of the Freak Legion.


Nov 3


Tainted Blood


Franklin tested Nathan’s blood and found no trace of the Tainted Blood.

Dr. Witch took Rachel to a top secret military lab to try and purge her of whatever caused her to go with the Freak Legion.

Franklin is headed over to the facility to try his blood powers and see if he can help Rachel heal herself.

Bjorn is still AWOL after his encounter with the Freak Legion.

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Fifth Set of Notes  



OOC Game Date


XP given


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Nov 3

Tainted blood

Franklin visits Dr. Witch at some FBI laboratory. Rachel is there and is in torpor. Franklin tastes her blood and determines that she's possessed by a Bane.

She awoke and was feral. She had to be put down.

Dr. Witch and Franklin delivered her to one of the Prince's daughters. Franklin's driver followed them to a small village on the road to Baltimore.


Christian, Mhuldare, and Porter went into the sewers and fought some creatures. They were like vampires but were on all fours. They spat blood.

Nossie Update

Nathan (Nossie leader) and Amos are missing.

Nov 4

Setite Church

The group investigates the Settite Church. It was hastily vacated. Doors lead to sewers.

Franklin found a black book with the names and deeds of corrupted officials.

We're later told that we missed a large fight on Nov 3rd at the Setite Church in the sewers. Bjorn was hurt. A summoned creature (probably a Bane Mummy) shed its skin and threw it at a subway car and melted it.

Ravina got away with the tablets.

Snakes in pit: Am-Ra is rebirthing. The ritual killed a priest and converted him into Am-Ra.

We took the ritual equipment (for whatever reason.)


Nov 5

Camarilla meeting

Our coterie is summoned to a Camarilla meeting. We assume we're going to be charged with sedition.

We pay a visit to Helena first and show her our evidence.

At the meeting, all hell breaks loose. Will write more later.



Camarilla meeting

All the Camarilla in Washington D.C. seemed to be at the meeting.

There was a big fight. The Prince was killed. The sides are noted here:

Pro-Prince: Prince Marcus Vitel, Jack (Sabbat Tzimisce), Cassie, Monica, Art, Dr. Norton

Anti-Prince: Nathan, Franklin, Christian, Porter, Mhuldare, Dorian, Cynthia, Helena, Bjorn, Philip, Velvet, Emilio, Dr. Witch (but, hey, who knows about him?), Cohn Rose, Van Dorn

The Brujah barged in. The Prince did his Majesty thing and all but Bjorn was affected.

Art was dominated and told to flee. Dr. Witch, in a Santa Clause suit, tried to dive in front of a missile aimed at the Prince. He cried, "Watch out, Prince," then proceeded to belly flop on the theater's seats.

Jack charged. We stopped him (kinda), but he got away.

Eventually, Dorian all but kills the Prince. Bjorn ripped Vitel's head off.

The odd thing is that Helena and Cynthia win.

Jacquekeb Amyzul was there. We blamed him for corrupting the Prince. Helena and Cynthia went along with it, but we know that they were hiding the Setite Church from Vitel because of Vitel's surprise when we brought it up.

After some political pressure, we convinced the other Camarilla that the Prince was indeed corrupted.

Jack, however, has yet to be dealt with.


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