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Calling All Methuselahs!

The V:EKN Princes of Dallas and Austin invite you to join us for


South West Regional Qualifier 2001


Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd, 2001 starting at Noon.


The tournament will be held at Project A-Kon XII

This event is Sanctioned and sponsored by the

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network

the official fan organization for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle.

We will be using the current tournament rules,

including all official clarifications, errata, and rulings.


If you aren't familiar with these new rulings, please read them before the tournament at: or at Lasombra's web site,


There is no entry fee for this tournament. However, there is an entry fee for the convention of $8 for a Saturday-only ticket for the Constructed Deck tournament. On Sunday, an Elder Draft tournament will be held for $15.


If you have any questions concerning the convention, contact Meri Hazlewood at The convention's web site



The tournament will be held at The Sheraton Park Central

LBJ Freeway @ Coit Road, Dallas, TX


For tournament coordination, contact Merlisk, V:EKN Prince of Dallas, at His web page is at



Go to the Prince of Dallas' site:  



Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is the copyright of White Wolf, Inc.