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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth.)

How low can you go?

I guess our Paladin's Palatines were bored terrorizing the surface world. The gods know that the Cragsmere family has been hit hard by our infamous adventurer's exploits. Now, they seem willing to take their trouble to new lows - about a mile underground to be exact.

That's right, our "heroes" have headed to the deep recesses of the Underdark, no doubt to meet some allies to use in their war with Waterdeep's nobility. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed scrying on them. They've seemed to have found an abandoned, underground city filled with nasty critters that creep and crawl. Perhaps, our heroes wish to establish a base of operations far from the authorities that question their motives? Whatever their intent, this city beckons to be explored, raided, "cleansed" of all living creatures...oh sorry, I was thinking like them again. My apologies to my faithful readers.

What does this city hold? How many adventurers can you fit into a tunnel with flesh eating centipedes? How many ways are there to improperly pick flowers? These answers and more await us as we explore the Underdark with the Paladin's Palatines.

As always, I am your faithful tour guide to our entertainers' every move. 'Til the next episode, ta ta!

Other Items

Do you remember that the Waterdeep Church of Tyr served the Waterdeep Waggler with a lawsuit saying that we are causing "defamation of character" of our main character, V'tar, paladin of Tyr? Well, our lawyer (ironically, also priest of Tyr) has filed a countersuit claiming that the Church of Tyr is interfering with our "trade," i.e., producing a quality, entertaining newsletter. Well, this legal mumbo-jumbo is beyond me. I only know that as long as we have entertaining adventurers, you'll have me to write about them!



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