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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth.)

Escape from the Paladin's Palatines!

Remember how our daring "heroes" recently kidnapped Elyssa Cragsmere, sister of Stephen Cragsmere? Well, we have good news! She's escaped!

That's right. The delicate rose of the Cragsmere family escaped the sinister clutches of the Paladin's Palatines, as we've come to name our "heroes." It seems that she managed her escape by jumping from the second story window of her seedy inn of captivity called The Grumbling Goblin. Fortunately for her, a kind female dwarf broke her fall. This dwarf later escorted our heroine to the local authorities. Deputy Barney later told our reporter that although he was uncertain of the dwarf's identity, "she sho did smell good." To whomever: you have our profound thanks!

Warehouse Warriors

Later that same night after Ms. Cragsmere escaped, our Paladin's Palatines decided that they hadn't reaped enough havoc upon the fair city of Boareskyr Bridge. So, they rounded out their evening's activities by a little breaking and entering of a local warehouse. What did they hope to find? Was the warehouse chosen randomly?

Well, fear not, Rebecca Mistworth would not be the reporter that she is if she could not scoop this story. A little investigation on my part revealed that the warehouse in question is owned by the Stone Cold Vision company. What's news about this? Well, the SCV company is a subsidiary of Cragsmere Caravans!

That's right. Now, do you still think that the kidnapping of Elyssa Cragsmere, the sister of Stephen Cragsmere, the son of the owner of Cragsmere Caravans, is a coincidence? You can be the judge.

As for me, I'll be keeping tabs on our entertainers and keeping you informed. 'Til next time, ta ta!

Other Items

The Waterdeep Church of Tyr has served the Waterdeep Waggler with a lawsuit saying that we are causing "defamation of character" of our main character, V'tar, paladin of Tyr. Obviously, the church is treating our little group of misfits like royalty. This why we now call them the Paladin's Palatines.

As for the lawsuit, fear not. We've hired a lawyer. We will fight for the right for you to read the truth!


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