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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler (published on 01/19/99)

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth.)

Since the last few issues focused on Waterdeep fashion, we didn't publish the Waggler outside of Waterdeep. In this issue, we resume normal publication.

Strike Three

Ever heard of Quad Ball? It's a kid's street game played with a stick, a ball, and four metal plates (usually some kid's dinner plates). All four plates are set in a diamond formation (each representing the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.) The first kid steps up to the Earth Plate and swings at a pitched ball. If he misses, it's called a strike (only four are allowed). If he hits, he runs like his pants are on fire to the first plate (called, well, the Fire Plate) while the other team tries to tackle him. If he makes all of the bases without being tackled, it's called an elemental run.

It's a kids game. It's fun, entertaining, and an innocent way to pass the time.

Well, our favorite adventurers should heed the spirit of this game because they are not so innocent. They seem to playing their own version of Quad Ball, except they use felonies instead of plates.

Let's recap: one of them is accused of murder. Strike one. Secondly, they burn down the Stephen Cragsmere's estate. Strike two. Now, they have resorted to kidnapping!

Can you imagine their gall? After all of the heartache and damage that they've already done to this poor family, now they capture the light of their life: their precious, innocent Elyssa Cragsmere, sister of Stephen Cragsmere? Shame. What shame.

My editor and I were publically scrying them for material for this article when we both saw them take Elyssa from her carriage and hustle her cloaked figure into a nearby Inn. What will they do now? Ransom her? Or, worse? We can only pray for her well being.

As to the adventurers, I can only say: STRIKE THREE. To the authorities, I say: should we act now? Or, are you waiting for them to hit a elemental run?

I will keep all of our readers informed. 'Til next time. Ta ta!


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