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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler (published on 10/04/98)

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth)

I'm back!!! Yes, after a brief vacation of sailing along the Sword Coast, I'm back and eager to tell all.

Fearless Adventurers Torch Inn

Do you remember my favorite adventurers, whose tales have been exposed in this very newsletter? Well, they're at it again! According my sources, after their last escapade, they proceeded to a small village called The Serpent's Cowl on the pretense of ridding the locals of a nasty Beholder problem. Apparently, a few local lumberjacks were being turned to stone with one of those nasty eye rays. Well, anyway, after investigating the lair, our fearless adventures returned and stayed at the Knotty Pine Inn. In their celebration of miraculously returning alive, they set the Inn on fire! TWICE! Luckily, the dwarf bribed the widowed Innkeeper, Tamerick, with some gems to keep her quiet. Well, it was quiet, but now I'm letting it out of the bag! Just remember that you heard it here first.

Adventurers Under Investigation

After reading of their exploits in a previous issue of the Waterdeep Waggler, Waterdeep officials are sending a judge to the ruins of Lord Cragsmere's estate in an attempt to determine if our adventurers were justified in their action of its ransacking. Apparently, some of the nobles in Waterdeep are concerned that their estates may also be attacked.

Do you believe in irony? Well, get this. The judge investigating the crime scene is none other than Defender of the Law Ywar Justicebringer. Okay, here's the irony part. He's a priest of Tyr! None other than the same god that the Lady V'Tar worships. Know that name? She's our adventurer's paladin, the Azuthian Priest Straker's knight in shining armor. Or, should I speculate that she's a knight in shining armour? Nah...let's knot go there (sorry, the pun's intended.)

Other News

  • Some Waterdeep merchants claim that a gold dragon is attacking caravans attempting to cross the Anauroch Desert. Aren't they supposed to be "good" dragons?

Well, that's all for this week's news. Ta ta!


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