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Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Late breaking news!!!! One of Ellemina's little companions has sent us a letter! I must apoligize. I had to idea he could write. Hmmm...I guess I will have to curtail my vertically-challenged jokes. I certainly wouldn't want him to feel shorted. (Ooops... that slipped. ;)

Subject: Dear Editor
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 16:14:27 -0500
From: Kent Henry <>
Dear Rebecca Mistworth,
The rag that you call The Waterdeep Waggler has gotten me so upset
that I have spontaneously gained the ability to write and tell you just
what I think of you and the so-called newspaper.
You must lead an awfully boring life for you to be scying on a group
of adventurers such as us. You can't tell me that in a city of as many
humans, dwarves, elves, and other, that you can't find a story worthy of
your talents.
Our "invasion" of the Cragsmere's estate was perfectly justified and
I burn with anger at the thought you would doubt our intentions. Surely
the word of a fine and outstanding Paladin such as Vtar would be enough
for you. Unless you want to challenge Vtar's word of a great evil in
the estate.
Your accusation that the good priest Straker somehow escaped justice
appalls me to no end. I get the feeling that you and the priest of Tyr
fail to get along. I can see why seeing how they peruse the truth,
while you seem to delve into half truths and lies.
I can not help but think that you have something against Ellemina,
or perhaps you have something to gain by spreading these lies. Mayhap,
I should convince Vtar too find you and see just exactly what your
intentions are.....
Flintmore Queryson

Ms. Mistworth's Rebuttal:

Dear Mr. Queryson,

I do indeed have the whole of Waterdeep's population about which I may write. However, I feel that I must serve the cause of the good and honest Waterhavians and point out corrupt individuals wherever possible. I feel that High Mystran Priestess Ellemina Eltorchul has abused her power and meddled in affairs best left to the Waterdeep authorities. At no time did the true and just law officials of Waterdeep grant Ms. Elthorchul, or you, her companions, the authority to take the law into your own hands. Yet, on several occasions, you did. I feel that it is within my right as a journalist to point this out (as long as I, of course, follow said laws.)

Also, Lord Cragsmere's family and business history can be traced to the very beginnings of Waterdeep. As such, what is of interest and threatening to him is of concern to Waterhavians and thus worth reporting. As to the Paladin V'tar actions, I question why she blantantly broke the law and invaded a citizen's home. Since Lord Cragsmere's estate is outside of Waterdeep's jurisdiction, she will not be held accountable by the authorities here. However, this publication, primarily a society newsletter, does well to point out to other nobles within Waterdeep a potential risk to their remote estates. Care to tell us where you are going next?

As always, our reader's opinions are important to us. Please feel free to submit letters at any time.

Ta ta!

Your faithful servant,

Rebecca Mistworth


Waterdeep Waggler (published on 06/23/98)

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth)

Waterdeep's Finest Takes Shape

After the recent incidences with the shape-shifting Dopplegangers, Waterdeep's City Watch will be armed with magical necklaces that force shapeshifters into their true form. This hopefully will root out any dopplegangers operating in the City of Splendors.

Of course, immediately upon this annoucement, the Temple of Selune issued a protest claiming that such devices were jeopardizing their freedom of religion. Oh well, I say. You can't please everybody.

Clerics Invade Estate

Adhering to the standard ethics guidelines of journalists, we have been keeping track of High Mystran Priestess Ellemina Eltorchul's adventuring companions. Note that, before you send us any letters, we only scrye on them when they're out in the open or in public places. No invasion of privacy is least by us. Read on.

For the last few weeks, Ellemina's friends have been heading south to the small trade village of The Way Inn. After meeting some fellow adventurers (identity unknown), they headed to the nobleman Lord Stephen Cragsmere's Estate and invaded it!!! Without provocation, they scouted the area and commenced a full frontal affront complete with an awesome display of magical firepower. We could not believe our eyes. When it was over, 25 of Lord Cragsmere's henchman lie dead. Wow.

The only good news is that Lord Cragsmere henchmen must have had a wizard amongst them because the Azuthian Priest "Slithered-out-of-justice" Straker was turned into a snake! Sometimes, I do believe that the gods smile on us afterall.

Other News

  • A group merchants were arrested yesterday. The City Watch charged them with distribution of stolen goods. Rumor has it that they were Zhentarium.

Well, that's all for this week's news. Ta ta!


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