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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

Saint Bastian Heals Boarskyr's Bridge of Plague!!!

On the 13th day of Uttar, a great concert was held in the Marketplace of
this small trading town. All citizens were brought into the range of the
Munificence of Bastian, formerly just a local bard, now the saviour of
This reporter saw literally hundreds of the sick, the crippled, the injured,
and the infirm brought into the presence of the Great One, who, by the power
of the gods, healed all instantly.

V'Tar Hires Bards and Bands???

In a somewhat surprising twist, V'Tar hired the entire Bards Guild to play
music during the plague. In another twist, the crowds gathered to worship
the gods through Saint Bastian's ministry booed, jeered, and otherwise
discouraged all of the Paladin's attempts at distractions from the healing
services. A larger than average number of reports of missing valuables were
turned in following the secular concerts.
Fortunately, Saint Bastian's Healing Service had the services of the
Brotherhood of Faith-Healers to control pickpockets and vagabonds.

Lizardman Army Wiped Out

On their way to help their relatives in their war against the detestable
Yuan-Ti, an army of over 400 brave Lizardmen were attacked and devastated by
dragons! In the ensuing rout of their formerly proud martial array, the
high-priestess T'Less was carried away.
Harried and driven, less than fourscore weary, wounded, and dispirited
veterans of the debacle crawled back to Boarskyr's Bridge. Seeking shelter,
healing, and food, the poor Lizardmen were assigned quarters in the
burned-out warehouse district.

Dragon Attacks Boarskyr's Bridge!!

Following the Lizardman Army survivors, a hideous black dragon attacked the
town. Dozens of brave guardsmen, standing firm in spite of the Dragon Fear,
were cut down where they stood, vainly attempting with their last full
measure of devotion to save the town they love. In another astounding
change of place, V'Tar and Associates, instead of running out to fight
phantoms, actually attempted to stand toe-to-toe with the nightmarish beast.
After watching the brave Guardsmen giving their all, recognizing that normal
weapons were of no avail against this spawn of evil, V'Tar and Associates
jumped into action. Among their heroic actions: a flying priest breathed
fire at the dragon, a thief attempted to save some elves made homeless by
the creatures tail, another priest tried lightning and other magics, and a
gnome attempted to freeze the lizardbane in flight.
While this journal decries the barbarity of the attack, and offers sincere
sympathy to the victims and their families, it must be noted that the
tragedies visited upon this innocent center of commerce seem to be a direct
cause and effect relationship to the actions of V'Tar and Associates in
stirring up trouble. While we do not believe the Paladin and her Pals
actively seek the destruction of innocents, it should be noted they have a
history of bringing mayhem, death, and dismay on those who support them.

Contributions Sought

Saint Bastian is organizing a fund to build a home for the widows and
orphans of the brave Guardsmen and the poor Lizardmen. Interested parties
may send their donations to the "Saint Bastian Of The Gods War Relief Fund
For Widows, Orphans, And Lizardmen" in care of the Bards Guild, Boarskyr's


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