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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler (published on 06/18/98)

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth)

Trail of the Month - a Dud

Well, it seems like High Mystran Priestess Ellemina Eltorchul's adventuring chum, the Azuthian Priest Straker, narrowly averted a permanent neck stretching. A fellow clergyman, Mystran Acron, came to his rescue with a stunning courtroom performance. Bravo! (I wonder how long they rehearsed the scene.)

Anyway, with some fancy spells that had even the local Friar Fore Ensic of Tyr convinced, Straker "proved" his innocence. Oh well, at least the crowd wasn't disappointed. Four convicted murderers danced with the noose that day.

The latest rumor has Straker and his friends heading south of Waterdeep to investigate some lost friends of theirs. My advice to Straker's friends - don't sleep near him if he's wearing robe with a belt!

Other News

  • Vegetable prices are climbing due to the heat destroying the crops. Sages say that some strange weather pattern called El Tenyo is messing up the rain cycles. (Whatever. I just want my watermelons!)
  • Magic items are getting scarce. Someone is buying all of the minor items available. (I knew that I should've become a mage.)
  • Amber prices have risen again. Buy, buy, buy!
  • Kelburn Arunson made a brief appearance this week to attend the funerals of a few nobles. He and his consort are looking well. (She wore a gorgeous dress - black, of course.)

Well, that's all for this week's news. Ta ta!


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