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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

Plague Strikes Boarskyr's Bridge!!!

Caravans and travellers beware! Many people have been striken by a
particularly virulent fever in the small trading village of Boarskyr's
Bridge--and some have even died!
The fever appears to have started right after the Day of the Gods festival.
While it is too early to tell precisely how the pestilence was brought into
the town at the crossroads of major caravan routes between Waterdeep and
Balder's Gate, some influential people are speculating it may be the result
of either the dreaded Yuan-ti, their allies, or another group trying to brin
them into even greater disfavor.

Strange Words From A "Former Thief"

The town's first warnings came from a very unlikely source. A certain
"Xenos", previously identified by this paper as a rougue and a thief,
insisted on spreading the alarm in taverns and the village market square.
"Xenos", dressed as an Acolyte of Azuth insisted he had been struck down by
the fever and healed directly by Azuth (Divine Intervention for an active
thief? Right!). He also insisted he'd been given a vision by Azuth of a
plague sweeping the town.
His "former" associates were greatly amused… As would any of the Gentle
Readers of this paper, had the plague not been real.
At first, the leaders of this small, isolated, and vulnerable outpost were
skeptical (and rightly so!). However, the persistence and (apparently) noble
nature of the rogue's arguments finally sunk in as dozens of dead and dying
members of the community were discovered.

Priests Turn Out To Save Town

At the request of the strangely-robed acolyte, who turns out to be one of
V'Tar's many sidekicks (is anyone else skeptical of the company this
supposedly holy warrior keeps?), the priests of all temples represented in
Boarskyr's Bridge turned up at the barracks of the City Watch. There, they
found the stalwart High Sherriff busily calming nervous townspeople and
organizing a house-to-house search for the victims of the horrible disease.
Little time was lost turning the former sleeping quarters of the town's
defense force into a makeshift hospital--another type of defense in the face
of the current epidemic. The Waggler Staff wish to salute those selfless
heroes who risk their lives trying to ease the suffering of others less
fortunate than themselves.


What's Next? Dragons?

One cannot help but to wonder what other possible fates are in store, what
other calamities can befall this poor, innocent village under V'Tar's
"protection"? Between the fear of fire, the fear of attack by (phantom?)
lizardmen, and the fear of deadly disease, the people might be getting very,
very tired of being catapult fodder for every mislaid plan of the Paladin and
her Pals. Indeed, is this the real reason for the destruction of their newly
purchased "inn"?

In Other News

1. A man missing for two years is said to be walking around town, trying to
catch up on the latest gossip.
2. "Friends of The Family", a young man's social club that meets irregularly
at the local "shield pie" eatery, is said to have lost a stone coat-rack,
donated in memory of the formerly missing man. A small reward is offered for
information leading to its recovery.
3. Shadowy figures have been reported in alleys and darting just out of
sight of those attempting to investigate. This reporter feels this is likely
an "old wives tale" designed to intimidate locals into obeying the curfew
laws and keeping children inside at night. However, with the recent
kidnapping of the Lister family, it is good advice just the same…
4. Work on the razing and reconstruction of the former "Grumbling Goblin" is
proceeding, albeit slowly, due to work stoppages caused by kidnapping, war,
and plague scares.



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