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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

Paladin's Party Passes Portal. Arrives Safely Back in Boarskyre's Bridge

Whew! After all that "restful, vacation" traveling through supposedly empty
yet full of monsters horrifying beyond description) countryside, the party
was so glad to be back in town, they bought and paid in advance for
renovation work to be done to the worst dive in town.
It it hoped by many that the renovated establishment will cater more to
families and provide a greater influence for good among the lower
socioeconomic classes, resulting in a more stable economy - leading to an
influx of new families and businesses.

Day of the Gods Speeches Thrill Dozens, Few New Converts

The crowd heard speeches from priests and paladins from many of the areas'
religious denominations, sects, cults, and orders. Among these were our
V'Tar and Straker. Sadly, the majority of the spectators were drawn to the
Yuan-ti/Dragon Cult stage, where instead of the standard religious trappings,
the "fiends" employed dancing girls and a tone of reconciliation… Perhaps we
could all learn something from this popularity? Or does it just reflect a
weakness in humans when facing a foe with far greater patience than we have?

Hostages Taken by Lizardmen… Town Outraged!

After the festival, when the town was settling back to normal, a commotion
started up around the office of the High Sheriff. There were four missing
Now, in a frontier town, especially a town with as many caravans in and out
as Boarskyre's Bridge, a missing person here and there is not unusual.
However, in this case the missing were all from one family - including two
children! To make matters worse, they were seen leaving town escorted by
sinister looking figures wearing black robes, similar to the Dragon Cult
The alarm raised, the Sheriff quickly responded to the situation by sending
out three stalwart groups of concerned citizens, leading one himself, of
course. V'Tar lead a party consisting of the usual suspects, an expert
tracker, and the mother of the missing children (a cleric and accomplished
healer in the service of Tyr).

Hostages Recovered!

After hours of fruitless canvassing of the trampled ground, the tracker
finally spotted the villain's trail. A short time later, the party spotted
the glow of a campfire in the foothills. After some scouting, it was
determined that the hostages appeared alive and the orders were given to
attack the scoundrels and rescue their prisoners.

It was too easy!

The first six fell with but a single blow each -- like the stuff of legends -
and when they were examined, they appeared to be lizardmen. But it had been
too easy… the party headed back to town, half expecting something terrible
to have happened in the absence of so many defenders.

Lizardmen Cleared! War Averted!

After reporting to the Sheriff, V'Tar and Associates sought out the Queen of
the Lizard People to clear up this situation. At first extremely skeptical,
the Queen insisted on accompanying them to the site of the incident. Upon
reaching the site, there were no signs anyone else had ever been there. No
bodies, no blood, no indications of where the remaining "lizardmen" had run
Well, this presented quite a sticky situation for the party. At first, the
Queen insisted on returning to Boarskyre's Bridge and resolving the situation
in person. V'Tar, however, suspecting trouble, persuaded her to wait for a
day. As it turned out, this may have saved hundreds of lives on both sides.
When the party returned to town, a near-riot situation had developed. A
combination of Rachel's quick thinking (and quick beer sales) and Xenos'
silver tongue kept the crowd busy for the fifteen minutes it took to summon
the Sheriff, his deputies, and to lock the front gates. A martial-law
lock-down of the entire town was declared for 24 hours to allow a cooling off
During this time, V'Tar and the party were dispatched to negotiate with the
lizardmen a means of keeping the peace. After agreeing to meet the party a
second time, the Queen of the Lizard People agreed to send a peace offering
rumored to consist of several wagon loads of furs, skins, exotic foods, rare
birds, and other highly sought after items.

Urban Renewal Commencement Coincides With Lizardman Gift Shipment

The Construction near the gate, at the site of the former "Grumbling Goblin
Tavern" marks the beginning of improvements to the formerly indecent, unsafe,
and unsanitary areas near the front gate at Boarskyre's Bridge.
The citizens of that area welcome the change, and some have communicated to
this reporter that they wish to thank the Mayor, the Sheriff, and V'Tar for
enabling this exciting change to a former "slum".
This reporter, though somewhat skeptical of the final outcome, looks forward
to the resumption of normal, peaceful relations with all concerned!


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