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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

Note from the Editor: EarTell failed to report in time, so I'm taking over. Read on for the best in news that the other papers won't print!

Thieves, Tramps, and Tyr - Oh My!

Brothels, bars, and seedy rendezvous. Ah, the excesses of sin associated with the bored and desperate. All of these you would not associate with an upstanding church.
However, what would you say if I told you that the Church of Tyr owns at least one of these?
That's right! Our illustrious paladin V'Tar is part owner of The Grumbling Goblin, a shack that serves patrons with fewer morals than a high priest of Ciric! Can you believe it! It's located in that small caravan town called Boarskyre Bridge, south of Waterdeep.
Furthermore, the law of the town, the Sheriff Barim Stagwinter and his sidekick, another Priest of Tyr, Theskull Mirroreye, turn a blind eye to this endeavor - no doubt because of the fact they serve Tyr as well.
Although the word's out that V'Tar and company plan on tearing down the joint and building another one on the spot, all indications point that it'll be a veneer polish overcoating covert operations - especially since V'Tar's personal rogue is handling all the affairs.
However, fear not readers. I am here to keep track of just such things. Keep reading and I'll expose all.
That's all for now. Ta ta!
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