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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, EarTell)

Note from the Editor: Fresh from our roaming reporter in the field! You can't beat this late breaking action. Read on!

More on V'Tar and Associates: The Aftermath!

After dispatching the giant snakes, V'Tar and Associates spent a moderate
amount of time patching up wounds, cleaning slimy stuff off the dwarf (whose
most recent exploits included cutting through eight feet of the giant snake
that fell on him after Xenos killed it), and arguing about which way to

Scouting Ahead

Finally, Xenos boldly started to explore the cavern ahead (since the only
known exit from the hill was blocked by thousands of angry ants). After
wandering past numerous hideous, blasphemous, and disgusting pictures of
dead gods and reptillian horrors, the hall opened into a huge hall of bones.
Xenos wisely chose to mark this spot with his light and head back to warn
the others--who by this time had figured out their marching order and were
only about 200 feet behind their "scout".

The Hall of Bones!

After surveying the situation, bold V'Tar and fearless Flintmore strode into
the middle of the room of bones. Just as the others were beginning to think
it safe to proceed, bones began piling up against the doorway--forming a
wall more than a foot thick!. At the same time, skeletal arms began
attacking the brave twosome who had ventured to explore the room...
At nearly the same time, V'Tar and Flintmore dispatched the last of the
horrors and Skylar found a way to circumvent the wall of bones. Suddenly,
there was a hideous cackling and a flying, flaming, talking skull came
floating down from a hidden recess in the ceiling.
After taunting the members of the group (and effectively rendering their
magical attacks and defenses inert), the abomination started playing on each
party member's imagined weaknesses. While this reporter cannot relate those
weaknesses, it must be stressed that not even Xenos wavered, the party was
as one in resisting what was assumed to be a cheap trick.
Finally, after allowing the party to fruitlessly expend spells, weapons, and
time, the skull darted off down the hall...

Avoiding Self-Inflicted Damage? Not This Group!

Chasing the skull down the hall, the party came to a strange doorway leading
to a short, strangely slanted passageway. Lacking a stick, and apparently
common sense, Flintmore stuck his arm through the doorway and could not pull
it back. After a few false starts, the dwarven arm was burnt and quite
It turns out the passage was protected by magical runes of fire, oil, and
grease--designed, no doubt, to protect the proprietor from peddlars,
tinkers, wandering monsters, and unwary adventurers.
Once again, Skylar found a way to bypass the oneway door and the magical
traps. Xenos built an ingenious rope, spike, and support system to avoid
having party members tumble to their doom. He then disarmed a simple trap
and unlocked the door--bravely standing aside to allow the Paladin to enter
the next room.

Interview with a Necromancer

The next room... how can I describe it? Even Volo never saw such a
horrific wonder--or else he carefully avoided describing it!!! To be brief,
imagine a huge pit filled with molten lava, several pillars of some volcanic
rock (like obsidian?) supporting a huge draconic skeleton, which in turn
acted as a bridge between steps going down from the party's position to a
raised platform nearly a hundred feet away and fifteen feet higher than the
Lining the skeleton were more of the large, glassy golem-like creatures. On
the platform was another golem, obviously incomplete, the floating skull
abomination, and a dark, sinister human (or at least human-shaped!) creature
who appeared to be in charge.
While the party hesitated, the figure spoke, welcoming each of us into his
chamber. V'Tar managed to control her bloodthirsty intolerance of those who
follow other religions while the rest of the party negotiated for their
As it turned out, all the fellow wanted for the ticket home was an
insignificant bit of amber jewelry. Having exchanged this, the party was
released, no harm done, no bad feelings (we kept the Paladin out of the
negotiations); and, as you receive this, the camping trip should be over
with the party back in Boarskyre's Bridge, ready to resume more productive
Ta-ta for now.
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