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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, EarTell)

Note from the Editor: Wow! The second report and our reporter is shaping up! I like this report. It's quite flattering to have another journalist mimic my style. Read on!

Paladin's Pusillanimous Party!!!

Last time, we told you of the fight between V'tar and Associates on one side versus the fire-resistant trolls. Well, we neglected to mention the "strategic retreat" that resulted in the party being separated for a night! These valiant campers were so spooked by the fiery "trolls that wouldn't die" that they engaged in a craven "every man (or paladin) for himself" run even deeper into the swamp, thus leaving the bold paladin and her stumpy, er I mean, sturdy sidekick to cover their retreat!
My sources tell me that the party was even more shaken by the arrival of another armor-clad seige tower dressed in plate, mounted on a warhorse, who (upon seeing the craven band cowering behind trees) promptly became physically ill.
Fortunately for our "heroes", the new arrival was sent out by the Waterdeep City Watch and the Temple of Tyr to help poor V'tar. If he'd been an opponent, the party would have lost more than their owl-bear-cloaks!
With the camp now safely guarded by the valiant new arrival, the party waited until the "rear guard" arrived and headed back out of the swamp. It was just too tough for their tender feet.

Now Children, Don't Play with Bugs!

In their haste to find a "safe" path out of the swamp, the party first managed to miss the patently obvious signs left by their scouts. After rejoining the party, the scouts pointed out there were numerous large insects (giant ants?) in the area--so everyone should have been alert!
In spite of this, the party were surprised first by a group of shepherds (who were apparently just minding their own business when the ranger's wolf attacked and scattered them) and then by a more organized group of defenders (undoubtedly called by the terrified shepherds after the unprovoked attack).
The party defeated both groups and quickly decided to take to their heels again when a larger group of angry citizens came to protest the unprovoked attacks.

Escaping Ants by going... Underground!?!?

Not surprisingly, the party (who may be considered terrorists, at least by the large insects) was chased to a nearby hill where they sought refuge in a cave, there being no other avenue of escape from the hundreds of angry ants. Strangely, the ants surrounded, but did not enter, the cave.
As the party proceeded deeper into the ground, looking for a way out, they came upon an obviously horrible sight: hundreds of dead and decaying bodies packed into a room like fish in a barrel.

This Adventure Stinks!! Or Who Needs Zombies, Anyway??

No, I don't mean the party's lack of hygiene or critical thinking. I mean, they were trying to get away from city life for awhile and look at where they ended up! What does this room full of squirming dead bodies represent?
Not surprisingly, the Paladin was unable to drive the dead bodies away. Perhaps a lack of faith? Perhaps too many undead? Perhaps because of the party's actions against the ants? Perhaps because of some evil magic in that place?
Moving past the noisome mass of dead (and undead) bodies, skeletons, and ichor, the bold paladin suggested Xenos lead the way. In his inimitable style, he froze as he beheld two glowing red eyes and heard a terrifying voice call out "Who goes there?" Thinking swiftly, he told the truth, he was "inside looking for a way to escape the ants."
"What is the password?" the unearthly voice intoned. Making up a name, Xenos was informed that he had better have "brought lunch" and was invited further inside. Motioning for the others to follow, he slipped into a dark, silent room and moved to the wall.
The details of the fight that ensued are just too gruesome to print. Suffice it to say that the horrible creatures undoubtedly responsible for the carnage in the outer chamber were dispatched by V'tar and Associates. And the good people of the surrounding areas need not fear the giant snakes with glowing eyes and unearthly voices any more.
Now if only they had nothing to fear from V'tar and Associates...
Well, that's all for this week's news. Ta ta!


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