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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, EarTell)

Note from the Editor: Well, we have our first field report from our roaming reporter. It's not as "spicy" a report as I like, but I think you'll enjoy it. Please send comments to me on what you think.

Flaming Marshes

Well, the last couple weeks have been pretty uneventful. Those on watch
faithfully performed their duties after the incident mentioned previously...
Uneventful until about a week ago, that is...
We were camping on the High Moor, minding our own business, using our guide
to negotiate passage between the various tribes and territories. Suddenly,
during the 2nd Watch, there was a wierd howling and shrieking--like the
Souls of the Damned!
Within minutes, the camp was awake. Seconds later, the demonic hounds
attacked! Breathing fire and biting with their hideous maws, they burned the
camp and most of our supplies to the ground. Fighting ferociously, V'tar
the brave Paladin and her faithful sidekick managed to send the fiends back
to the Abyss. With some help from the magic-flinging priests and mage. And
Xenos, whose beautiful clothes looked somewhat scorched and torn. (In fact,
he looked dead.)
After healing and traveling on for a few days, the party entered the
Well, it wasn't pleasant... sulferous odours and various patches of
stunted vegetation, dry land, mud, water, and flame... and then it got
With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound, the first of the huge,
fiery, troll-like creatures emerged from the burning waters and began
attacking the party's guide. Soon another, and another, and more emerged!
The party fought ferociously! V'tar and her followers fought back just as
ferociously! With the priests alternating between chants and prayers of
Protection and healing fallen comrades (and their pets) and Xenos looking
vainly to find an opening to shoot arrows, the fighters bore the brunt of
the attack! The monsters kept regenerating! So, after downing them all,
and before finishing them, the party moved on...
And it is at this point we must move on and wait for more details...


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