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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth.)

Note from the Editor: We're still in the process of working out an arrangement with our new field reporter. Until then, you will just have to settle for my award-winning script. Enjoy.

The High Moor

The howling wind is horrible! No, I am not talking about the cold, piercing wind of the High Moor. Rather, I'm thinking of the scolding that emanated from a Paladin of Tyr's mouth towards her own party. Perhaps, though, I should start at the beginning.
Our now infamous friends, the Paladin's Palatines, rested in the small, smelly town of Boareskyr Bridge before hiring a guide and setting off to destroy another ecosystem. Their guide seemed a bit morose, but against the Paladin's perpetual scowl, who noticed? They proceeded across the desolate, rocky High Moor for at least a week before anything worthwhile happened.
Then, late one evening, the two guards, the rock-headed dwarf Flintmore Queryson (Remember him? He wrote us a while back.) and the new guide, Jareth MoorStalker, heard a noise and left the sleeping party to investigate. They were ambushed by some kind of rabid hounds but easily survived, practically unscathed. But here's the good part: Remember that they were supposed to be GUARDING the sleeping party? Well, you guessed it, the hound's friends attacked their still slumbering dog food, uh, comrades. After a brief battle, the slightly wounded party dispatched the creatures but not before awakening the Paladin's ire. She chewed Mr. Queryson's and Mr. MoorStalker's tail to a mere nub. (I had to cover my sensitive ears for the worst of it.)
I know that I frequently pick on the Paladin. But, in this case, her howling berating was justified. I do think that the High Moor's winds were shamed that day, though.
On the bright side, our adventurers hired a very handsome replacement cleric. Ooh la la. I need to cool off my Crystal Ball.
Well, that's all for now. Perhaps next time, our friends will face a more worthy foe. It's my understanding that their quest guest is "dying" to meet them!
'Til next time, ta ta!


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