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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth.)

Guest "R.A.P." Writer

Have you heard the good news? I've been promoted to editor of this little
rag! Whooo hooo! Seeing as I've taken on new responsibilities, I decided
to hire a replacement roaming reporter. I posted an ad, got a reply, and
hired her, but now she's missing! Oh my, I do hope she's okay. She only
had one scrying session and hasn't been seen since.
Since I didn't get to see our latest episode of the Paladin's Palatines, I
asked the mage that helped our M.I.A. reporter scrye to post a report. He
swears that this new Rhyming and Poem-ing (called RAP on the street) is all
the rave in the young section of Waterdeep. Uh huh. Whatever. I'm going
to post a new employment ad.
Here's Mellion's "young people are gonna love it" RAP
song...uh..poem...uhh...whatever. (I still think that RAP is missing a
Da floatin' Eye
By "Scyremaster" Mellion
What's dat? It's a fleein' slave,
Cut 'em in half with my glave.
Gotta cleave him,
We can't leave him,
His life, he can't save.
Runnin' like Hades down a hall of stone,
Slave's a screamin'
He must be dreamin'
No one to answer 'cause we're alone.
Now what? We done murdered da sap.
No one's here. There'll be no flak.
Wait! I hear an arrow and bow.
Our guards in trouble? We don't know.
Run back,
Let's attack.
Da arrows fly,
To da floatin' Eye.
We're not alone!
Kai's now stone.
Who cares if we're raidin' its home?
Kill these things. Take the fight to them.
Find the Queen. Don't be dim.
Watch her eyes, with beams that kill.
Don't fret. We got darts still!
A beam hits us. There goes flight.
Both dead. Don't be afraid.
Oh wait, we've been betrayed.
[Please answer my employment ad! - RM]


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