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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Waterdeep Waggler (published on 02/20/98)

(As reported by the roaming reporter, Rebecca Mistworth)

Cynosure Ball a Bust!

Last night in Cynosure Hall during the annual Grand Ball celebrating Lliira's Night (debauchery galore) Waterdeep's finest nobles were transformed into monsters! That's right. An evil spell affected the majority of the nobles in attendance by turning them into the very creatures their costumes represented. It took the might and ingenuity of fellow party goers to bring order. In the end, most of the nobles lie dead. I bet their families' coffers are still being emptied paying for clerical restoration.

My sources tell me that the spell affected everyone that bought costumes from La Clothes Pretend. When the shoppe was raided by the Watch come morn, it was empty save for a hapless drunk seeking shelter. Now, how was such a shop allowed in Waterdeep? I guess that the noble families will be asking the same thing once their scions are brought back from death's door. The magical illusion that precipitated the transformation claimed that the goddess of deception, Leira, was responsible. Hmmm, and we thought she was dead. It seems that this event has piqued the interest of Mr. Arunson himself.

Curious to my eyes was the presence Ellemina Eltorchul at the Grand Ball. Supposedly, she relinquished the social ladder climbing after being appointed High Priestess in Mystra's temple. It makes me wonder if she knew what was going to happen. Once the fighting ensued, she was seen distributing weapons to adventurers she had admitted to the Ball. Curious. I suppose that the Watch will be interviewing her as well.

Rock Candy Now Safe

In related news, High Priestess Eltorchul's claims of eliminating an evil creature in Chult was proven correct when her brother arrived yesterday with a new, untainted batch of rock candy for Waterdeep's children. It seems that whatever was causing the candy to induce insanity in children was indeed dispatched by Ms. Eltorchul and company. Now, I guess Ms. Eltorchul only has to explain why the Temple of Mystra's funds were used to hire adventurers (most of which were present at the Grand Ball) to investigate the tainted rock candy. This is considering that her family shipping business is the main supplier of rock candy. Tck, tck, tck. Waterdeep does love its trade, so I won't be holding my breath for any repercussions.

Widow Claims Foul Play in Chult

Not surprisingly, one of High Priestess Eltorchul's adventuring companions is sought for questioning. The widow of the late Cles Ulbrinter (was the heir to the shipping and shipwright family fortune of Nomus Ulbrinter) claims that a crown that the adventurer is wearing is actually a family heirloom of her late husband. The Azuthian cleric Straker apparently accompanied Ms. Eltorchul on her recent adventure to Chult and returned donning the alleged tiara. The City Watch claims that Straker is only wanted for questioning, but a writ has been issued to bring him in. Hmmm..wasn't that him at the Grand Ball? My, what a small world.

The Market Stinks

No, I don't mean the commodity trade. I'm referring to a skunk that somehow gained entrance into Waterdeep and sprayed passersby at a meat stand in The Market. Animal control has yet to find the little stinker but the druids at the Temple of Chauntea have volunteered to track it down. They say that it should be found in a few days.

Other News

  • Sapphires prices have dropped. Supposedly a family of gnomes in the Thunder Peaks region has found a large vein of the precious gem.
  • Amber prices have risen yet again.
  • Pink sweaters are now considered out of fashion.
  • Minor magical weapons and items are being bought by merchants citywide. They claim that the market demand has drastically increased.
  • The ghost of dock ward mystery was recently solved. It turns out that a minor thief was using it as a ploy to con money out of residents.

Well, that's all for this week's news. Ta ta!


Other Facts Gathered by the party at the Cynosure Ball

Prominent Members:
Patriarch: Thesp Eltorchul
Consort: Arus Eltorchul
Heir: Oth Eltorchul (eldest son, second child)
Other: Ellemina Elthorchul (High Priestess of Mystra in Waterdeep)
Trade & Interests:
mage schooling, magical research and the procuring of rate
substances and items
field: white
wands: gold
hat: black
Gauntyl (GONE-til)
Prominent Members:
Patriarch: Elemos Guantyl
Consort: Thicia Guantyl
Heir: Vhaas Gauntyl
Trade & Interests:
mercenary fighting, exploring, mining
field: orange
guantlet: silver
spikes of gauntlet: crimson
slashes (three): crimson
Prominent Members:
Patriarch: Bhaedulph Gost (crippled, inactive)
Consort: Aurora Gost
Heir: Djarrus Gost (eldest son, active lord)
Trade & Interests:
caravan-mastering, trading, armor-forging
field: yellow
snake: deep green (body), white with red pupil (eye)
Prominent Members:
Patriarch: Maskar Wands
Consort: Hyacia Wands
Heir: Olanhar Wands (eldest daughter)
Trade & Interests:
mage schooling, magical research and adventuring,
field: purple
manche (sleeve): black
stars: gold


Prominent Members:
Patriarch: Japhyl Cragsmere ("The Hawk")
Consort: Arven Cragsmere
Heir: Shan Cragsmere (eldest daughter, "Lady Hawk")
Trade & Interests:
land-owning, moneylending
field: purple water & stars: silver crag: gold front, silver
ground: black
lower tip of shield: gold (rising sun)
Gossip: (Overheard at Cynosure Ball)
1) Vhaas Gauntyl is courting Errya Eltorchul, son of Thesp Eltorchul.
Her current consort, Brandon Korelwyn, is a very jealous man.
2) Vhaas' latest exploration into Undermountain has yielded something
quite magical. Supposedly, it has the ability to amplify magic cast
through it.
3) Challat Artoban, husband of Olanhar Wands, is a respected wizard that
often accompanies Vhaas Gauntyl on adventures.
4) Djarrus Gost is losing a fortune since his caravans keep getting
attacked south of Waterdeep.
5) Kelbun Arunson is one of the Lords of Waterdeep.
6) Undermountain is a cake walk. It's only hyped up by nobles to be
7) Jewelry is so expensive. Did you know that the prices of amber just
8) That thing with Chult is finally resolved. The latest shipment,
delivered by Erick Elthorchul, is no longer cursed.
9) The temple of Azuth predicts that red dragons will descend upon
Waterdeep in two months.
10) Mirth the Tailor is the best in Waterdeep.
11) Errya Elthorchul is spoiled rotten.
12) Thesp Elthorchul was poison and is slowly dying.
13) The ghost of a lost adventure haunts Dock Ward.


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