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Amber Campaign

Kent's Grothoth Campaign


Last game according to Kent (with some editing as to not give spoilers):

Alyssa and Rebecca were kidnapped during their breakfast meeting. The
butler was killed but the two Dwarven body-guards were merely knock
unconscious. The group, went to Rebecca's house and searched it. They found
a reference to a group called "The Watchers" They discovered that "The
Watchers" is a semi-secret organization of Diviners operating in Waterdeep.
The group has created a magical network in Waterdeep that allows them to
locate any object within the city limits. Well, they found a couple of
polar bear skins. One happened to be located at this inn that just happen
to be run by the very adventure Banok was seeking when he first started
adventuring. Since Banok wasn't there though this point couldn't come out.
A pair of otyughs and a Urludan worshiper attacked. The gnome, using a Meld
into Stone spell was well....kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.
The group did spot him and tied his hands. The group promised not to hurt
him and he came out. And they kept their word!! He informed them WHERE
the hideout was and pretty much how to get there. The other location had
Banok's Polar Bear Cloak, the inn keeper there told them he bought it from
someone who dressed LIKE the city guard except for the Alligator symbol on
his person. (The Izod jokes started flying after that).
Well they went to the location and discovered that the hideout is on the
side of a cliff and had no way of getting down except by rope. They lower
down and met an Ettin who made one of the dwarfs a Piñata. The killed the
Ettin and then went into the room for the big climax. They fought a
high-level evil fighter, who left after getting half way down on hit points.
They managed to rescue Banok, Rebecca, and Alyssa.


Last game according to John:

Everyone was called to Waterdeep, we found that Rebecca Mistworth and the
daughter of the Cragsmeres were kidnapped, the butler killed, and their
dwarven bodyguards knocked unconscious by magic. While the watch was being
summoned, Kip arranged a tour of the Mistworth Mansion--where we found
nothing of use.
We then went to a couple of pubs, got into a fight with some bar trash
(metting innocuously with a party of brave adventurers who hesitated to
fight) while we captured a gnomish evil cleric who somehow told us of the
We then headed north of town to a cliffside resort, lowered ourselves into
the doorway, fought some type of 2-headed brute, wandered around, found the
main room, populated by the evil leader, a bunch of henchmen with their
evil, giant, albino beavers, and the hostages...
During the fight, Zane head-butted two of the beavers into unconsciousness,
Ritter killed one and headed for the leader, and the others slowly
dispatched theirs... the handlers were not much trouble... after striking
the leader (in the back as he was running away) Ritter paid for his unmanly
act by standing there as the leader knocked the stuffings out of him...
after being revived, Ritter ordered the henchmen to lay down their arms, cut
the bindings off Rebecca, offered her his cloak and some wine... the others
polished off the remaining beavers, tried to chase the leader (which proved
fruitless), and tended to the other hostages (Alyssa and Banock)...
I'm sure I left out some parts of this; however, at least some of us are
more likely to be on good terms with the press...
The evil ones appeared to be part of some cruel crocodile cult from the
south... another dang reptile "god"...



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