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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign


The following letter was given to V'tar at the town called the The Way Inn:

Dearest V'tar,
I have finally found a way back to Waterdeep! After completing a small job, a kindly mage will help me get back. (I hate those caravans! I hope that they contract some kind of disease for blackmailing me.) Mr. Velinax is even paying me a nice sum. Perhaps after you're done spreading Good, you can join me and help find out about this Beholder thing.
I'm going on ahead to a small, backwards town called The Serpent's Cowl via Boareskyr Bridge to see if the lumberjacks are really being turned to stone. Rumor has it that the town has a plague too. Yuck. Don't worry though; I'll be careful. Personally, I think that it's those merchants trying to scam some adventures into clean out The Forest of Wyrms. I'll just do some investigating, and I should be back by the time you are reading this.
See you soon!
P.S. - That mage is coming with me to "protect me." Yeah, right.

After meeting with Velinax and Tarren, they agreed to go The Serpent's Cowl, where according to Barthel, the local lumber agent, "nothing is wrong - it's a delightful town."

The party then proceeded to the small town of The Serpent's Cowl where Straker healed the poison from a few residences (after being told in The Way Inn that a "plague" had invaded the town.) The food in the local Inn was delightful. After a night's sleep, the party headed to the beholder's lair. They are now in the lair, quite wet from an unexpected fall, and are recuperating for the next tunnel. Tarren is waiting outside the lair hoping that no one becomes stoned ;). Velinax is nowhere to be seen. Is he captured? Is he dead? Tune in next month for the continuing saga of ....

"An Eye for You."


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