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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign


Note that all members of this party may increase their level by one. Each member is at the next level's XP+1. Enjoy.


The following singed letter was found in the burning remains of Stephen's Cragsmere ransacked estate:

The dead dragons shall rule!
Greetings, my brother. I am writing to inquire of your progress in developing the brew. I believe that our "allies" will rapidly turn upon us. Your brew to allow a controlling influence during the Histachii transformation is brilliant! To think of what we can do if we control their nation!
The latest shipment has arrived to our friends in Orogoth. I know that I was assigned to this unit because of my previous success, but how they try my patience! Nevertheless, I will stay the course.
The Z have again raided our caravans, and I expect more overt actions in the future. My informants are still investigating their fascination with amber. I do know that they recently stole an ancient dwarven forge. But to what end, I do not know. I am unable to understand the connection, if any, but I will keep trying.
Please reply with your progress. And, watch your back.
Your faithful brother,


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