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Xenos' Background


After being talked into accompanying a group of "businessmen" hired to determine the cause of poisoning of candy from the Island of Chult, Xenos was shipwrecked. Having to dodge raptors, undead villagers, albino dwarves, and bad food was bad enough&emdash;but the relief party mistook him for one of the undead (talk about mistakes!) and stabbed him in the back.
Well, that problem and the candy poisoning being solved, Xenos boards a ship ostensibly for Balder's Gate (there being no local chapter of the "Benevolent Order" in Waterdeep and the "business" climate being somewhat grim for folks in that industry).
Previously, Xenos had befriended a couple of fine young fellows who had similar adventurous spirits. Ritter, Zane, Straker, and Xenos had a few adventures (which ones aren't terribly important…) together. Now it seems, Ritter, Zane, and a few of their friends got themselves into trouble over guarding caravans, attacking people with snakes (or was that attacking people who like snakes?) and gotten themselves lost again. So, back to the land of the Philistines…
Back in Waterdeep, a painful reunion with his retired parents (who disapprove of his carrying on in the family business, his comrades, and his marital status). No sign of the lost friends. An ivitation to a society ball turns Xenos' hopes of respectability somewhat sour. Recognized by a few "old friends", Xenos is "asked" to help some of his father's former "business partners" pay off an old debt&emdash;but is not able to find the recipient of their "gratitude".
On the trail south, after a few mishaps, the group finally rescues the amatuers and gets hired by their friends' former employer&emdash;who disappears, gets "rescued", leads them through some nightmare underground city and betrays them into the current crisis. Now they're all "willingly geased" to partner with a group of super-intelligent, paranoid xenophobics who want them to march up to the front door of a Necromancer (who apparently likes people to mind their own business!) and demand that he hand over some magic items and various biological specimens, and then return to the underground city.
All Xenos is looking for is a quiet little corner of town to start his own guild to prevent the "Rich" from "getting richer" and the "Poor" from "getting poorer". And he believes he can set up a businees model that provides a win-win situation for everyone (at least everyone that Xenos has in mind…).



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