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Straker's Background


Straker is a short, somewhat stocky half-elf. As is typical for a priest of Azuth, he dons clothes that would be similar to that of a mage. His breaches and shirt are covered by a tabard with a depiction of the holy symbol of Azuth embroidered on both the front and back. Straker has grown somewhat bald over the years, with none of the black hair growing on the top of his head. The hair that grows out of the side and back of his head is at a length that covers his ears and the back of his neck. The round jovial shape of his face contrast sharply with his stern expressions and scowling brown eyes. On his head, he wears a crown of bone, which smells of strong magic, as do the leather braces upon his wrist. His hands are wrapped around an oaken staff - the only visible weapon that you can see upon him.

Of his past, Straker tells you about how his parents were killed at an early age. His uncle, who was a servant of the church of Azuth, had him schooled in a temple stronghold placed in the mountains near the city of Lhair in the Shining South, a region that is very far from Waterdeep and the land in which he now adventures. He came to meet the first members of this party one day after he was reading a book that he a found while traveling with other adventurers. The book described exploits of some members of a band of crusaders. He was reading a chapter that described a battle the adventurers had with a city of undead, which was actually a slaughter of undead. Then the words stopped, his vision blurred, and he felt a tingling feeling all over his skin. The next thing he knew he was standing amongst the very adventurers he had read about.

He has since sent a message to his superiors in Lhair explaining that he was alright and has stayed with this band, since the relationship has been somewhat profitable. He was also very impressed with the city of Waterdeep. His current plans are to save as much money as possible and to request from the church of Azuth permission to establish a church and library dedicated to Azuth in Waterdeep. He has no reason to go back home to the Shining South.

Straker seems to have a very friendly relationship with Xenos though he doesn't speak much about his history with Xenos. Apparently, they have had prior adventures together.

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