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Skylar's Background


Skylar was a minor Wizard employed by the Purple Dragons to help
investigate goings-on in the area. Because of his "nature" he
often got volunteered for those tasks where it wasn't considered
prudent to send in more experienced or valuable members. Usually,
he was sent either to areas where he couldn't cause any harm, or
to places where someone "expendable" was called for.
This discrimination was usually due to his lacking the "official"
schooling and discipline of other mages and his tendency to be
rather, um, erratic, for lack of a better term. Many wonder how
he managed to even earn a position with the Dragons in the first
place. But that's another story.
His last assignment with the Dragons was as the representative
Mage in a small squad sent out to investigate some trouble in
the Dalelands. The detachment was mainly sent for show, as few
believed that the incidents being reported there were real or of
any consequence. As it would happen, much more was going on, and
of a more serious nature, than was originally thought. Skylar
quickly became involved, joining and aiding a group of adventurers
in putting an end to a rather nasty situation. In the process,
he saw and experienced many things which would affect him in many
ways. (Death will do that to you).
Upon returning from his travels, he left the Dragons and officially
joined the Mystran church. As a scholar and Servant of Mystra, he
now serves where needed by the church, and continues to furthur his
magical talents and knowledge.
Recently, he was asked to seek out a ranger whose presence was
requested for official questioning. While tracking a Ranger
wasn't exactly something he considered worthy of a mage, he owed
the favor, so agreed to the task. Now, normally, tracking a Ranger
would have proven difficult, as these defenders of nature tend to
not be found if they don't wish to be. However, in this case, it
went fairly easily, as the particular Ranger in question and his
current companions tended to leave a broad trail behind them that
pretty much anyone could follow.
Having located the Ranger, Skylar presented the summons and assumed
that that was that and he could return to his studies. Unfortunately,
it was about that time that people started shooting at him. It seems
that it was mistakenly thought that he was a member of the Ranger's
adventuring group whom a number of individuals seemed rather intent
on, um, removing.
As it would turn out, this misunderstanding eventually became true as
Skylar joined with the group to aid in their quest for whatever it is
they're looking for.
Besides, he needed a vacation. :)
Recently, due to some freak, unanticipated magical, um, mishaps, Skylar's appearance and manner have gone through a bit of a change. At the moment, our illustrious Mage is of the opinion that he is of Gnomish decent, and in fact, even has the physical form, and manner, of a rather odd Gnomish fellow, currently disguised as a baby Owlbear. The good news is that the case of "leaf rash" has been cured.



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