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Justin Hammer's Background


Born at a very young age, Justin, age 23, is the son of a weaponsmith in Luskan.
Although his father wanted him dearly to follow in his footsteps, he respected
Justin's wishes to become part of the priesthood. Justin first heard of Mystra
when he was very young since he would walk by the Temple of Mystra everyday on
the way to his fathers forge. Not long after, at the young age of 10, Justin
became an initiate of the Temple of Mystra. The title being nothing more than
that, Justin would do various chores assigned to him until he was 15, and at
that time became more serious about Mystra. At 16, Justin became a cleric of
Mystra, and dove headfirst into his duties. In only 7 short years, Justin has
climbed way up the priestly ladder of Mystra.
Justin has partaken in many, many adventures during his short clerical career,
and the latest being that of revenge. While traveling with a caravan on their
way to Balder's gate, the caravan was ambushed by bandits. Very few survived
the ordeal and among the slain, two of Justin's acolytes. Vowing revenge as
he raced away on his valliant steed, Justin is now seeking out the misfits
who slew his acolyte friends, one his younger brother.


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