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GL's Background

GL ("gull") is Edmund's uncle (his mother's younger brother), and closest living relative.
The story:
GL was the younger of two children of simple farm folk. While he was just a boy, his parents, along with many others, were killed by rampaging Hill Giants. The two children managed to escape into the woods and hide until the marauders had moved along.
The two children had just finished burying their parents when a troop of soldiers finally arrived, too late to catch up with the Giants. While helping the children, one of the younger soldiers, Oswald, took a fancy to Sarah (GL's older sister), and it wasn't long before they were married.
While Oswald accepted GL as one of the family, he could never really understand the boy. There was always something wild lurking behind the boy's eyes. Not longer after Oswald and Sarah married, their son, Edmund, was born. At about the same time, GL vanished into the woods.
Over the next few years, rumors of a strange man living in the forest began to emerge. Some reported seeing him freeing trapped animals, others claimed to see him single-handedly attacking an entire band of Hill Giants, and on one occasion a group of travelers swore that the wildman had herded them back onto their path after they had gotten lost.
One day, a number of years after his disappearance, GL appeared again. Where once was a wild boy, there was now a dangerous looking man. His sister welcomed him, but Oswald was a different story. There was no warmth between the two. They didn't really hate each other, but could neither understand nor relate to one another. About the only thing they shared was their love for Sarah, and the young Edmund. To Edmund, GL was a strange person. He'd never met anyone like this before, and often wondered if his mother was telling the truth when she said this man was her brother. After checking on his family, GL once again disappeared.
This was the pattern of things for many years. GL would appear out of the blue one morning, stay a few days, and then vanish once more. Occasionally during his visits he would take Edmund out on 'field trips'. Edmund was amazed at his uncle's knowledge of the animals and plants of the forest. As time went on, GL's visits became fewer and shorter.
Eventually Edmund joined the church of Mystra. His father wasn't all that happy about it, but did agree that the boy wasn't really cut out for soldiering. Oswald died a few summers after that, killed by raiding Hill Giants. GL attended the funeral, although most folks didn't notice him there, and stayed on for a while to make sure his sister was looked after. But he couldn't stand still for very long and soon he was gone again, chasing whatever it was he was after.
Sarah died a couple of years later. That was the only time Edmund ever saw GL weep. It was also the last time Edmund saw GL.
After receiving news of Edmund's disappearance (he as part of an investigative group sent out by the Church Of Mystra which vanished into the swamps near the Troll Hills), GL joined a search party to find out what happened. Things got off to a bad start before the party even left Waterdeep (a city which GL didn't feel comfortable in, anyway). Eventually, despite a number of incidents, the party managed to locate some of the lost members of the investigation group, including Edmund. Edmund is currently recuperating from his ordeal at a nearby Mystran Church. GL continued to travel with the adventuring group, seeking to find answers to what had happened to Edmund, as well as to find the source for the abominable human/snake experiments that the party had come across. However, one day while resting at a small inn, GL was visited by a Mage, summoning him back home for some important reasons which he could not ignore. GL expects to rejoin the group as soon as he is able to help put an end to these unholy corruptions of nature.


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