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Amber Campaign

Mike's Grothoth Campaign

Xenos' Ancient Lore on Tam-Zor-Grototh ("Third under Grothoth")

In ancient days, the peaceful Lizard Men tribes of the Troll Hills were conquered and enslaved by serpent men. These serpent men worshipped the Great Grothoth, a giant lizard of the sky, whose very presence was said to block out the sun.
For thousands of years, these serpent men ruled the Szaahm (the Lizard People) with tyranny and cruelty unmatched on Toril. Then, one day, the Sky gods bonded together and imprisoned Grothoth for eternity in the land between Night and Day.
'Til this day, a guardian is said to keep the Night and Day apart. Supposedly, he grants immortality to those willing to aid in this endeavor. He sits upon the Zzar-theeth, the throne of Eternity in Lla-Zor-Grothoth ("First under Grothoth.") The Lizards People speak of this land far away, where the "land greets the rising sun."
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