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Amber Campaign

Amber Campaign Item Creation Rules


Magical scrolls require three things for their creation: quill, paper, and ink. Quills are usually handpicked by the mage/cleric (+5% if so, -5% if not.) Usually, the quill of a cockatrice is used. If a quill is specifically picked for a single use that is appropriate to a spell (like using a pegasus' feather for a flying spell), then no penalties apply. Otherwise, up to a -20% penalty can apply.
Paper, parchment, or papyrus can be used to write the magical scroll. Paper is 5 gp per page, and there is one page per spell level. Paper gives a +5% bonus. Parchment is 1 gp per page with a +0% bonus. Papyrus is 5 sp per page and yields a -%5 penalty.
The key to a successful creation of a magical scroll is the ink. Normal, high quality ink (50 gp for 3d8 spell levels) must be combined with something magical to make it viable. The magical liquid is usually the blood, or some ground up body part, of a magical creature that is specific to the type of spell. Have the players come up with some items and assign a bonus or penalty to it. Use a range of -20% to +20% as a starter.
The formula for a scroll creation is: 80% base - 1% / spell level + 1% / caster level + quill bonus (-20% to +5%) + paper bonus (-5% to +5%) + ink bonus (-20% to +20%). Failure in this roll means that bad things may happen.
A quiet place with no disturbances is needed. It takes one day for every spell level written. The success or failure is not known until the final day.


Potions are somewhat easier to create. The wizard needs a laboratory that costs a minimum of 2000 gp with a monthly maintenance fee of 10%. Priests need a holy sanctuary with incense and candles and other items costing the same amount.
The potion ingredients will cost from 200 gp to 1000 gp to make. For common potions, the ingredients can be purchased. However, for the more powerful potions, rare parts are needed similar to the ink of a scroll. The ingredients should be appropriate to the potion's use.
The formula is: 70% - 1% / 100gp in ingredients needed + 1% / every two levels of creator. Failure results in a nasty potion.



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